Sunday, August 3, 2008

coming soon

i have spent the past week or so working like a mad woman on flowers for my friend's wedding yesterday. our community group is so happy that becca and burton are now joining us all on the married side of things.
andrew and i are so happy to have reclaimed our home(even the bathrooms were full of flowers... andrew had to get them out of the tub so he could shower on friday!).
there was, of course a bit of drama at the last minute as just about all the flowers at the church (ie. bridal bouquet, bridesmaids, groomsmen boutineres etc) were all wilted and frosty from the fridge at the church--- that was on the warmest setting!!
all that to say, i will be posting a few picture soon to show for all my 2am work days and thorn splintered hands ;-) ... at least what survived for pics!

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CRash said...

Jane, the flowers ended up looking wonderful despite the last minute craziness. I don't think anyone outside our circle was any the wiser. Thanks for all your hard work I am sure Becca/Burton appreciated it.