Monday, July 21, 2008

4th of july... and a few at home insights

these are some pictures of our lovely trip to andrew's parent's mountain house at lake junaluska assembly. elisha had the opportunity to spend a good bit of time with his cousin micah. andrew's sister and her family live much farther away than we would like, so it was a treat for the boys to spend so much time together!
we went to the parade by the lake... it reminded me of the parade that would go by my house when i was little. elisha was a little terrified of the firetruck... i was too. it was quite loud! we were hot in the sun at the parade, but that might have been the only time i really was the whole trip... it was so nice to sleep with the windows open at night and wake up chilly. there was a sleeping porch upstairs and i kept finding that andrew would sneak off with a book to that ideal spot... it will hopefully be just the first of many 4th of july holiday weekends spent up there.

the porch was a fun (enclosed!) place to play...
this is a picture of elisha at our house in front of the tv. i hate to watch tv-- and i hate for elisha to as well... i know i'm being a stick in the mud, and that i'll make up for lost time if/when we have more children and i'm desperate for the couple of minutes of free babysitting that the tv offers... but for now it is a rarity. i would hope that that would mean that elisha isn't that interested in it, but no! he will point to it and rub his chest( signing 'please'). he just love 'thomas' videos... well we only have one. this is a shot of him dancing in front of the tv to the opening music!

i hope that we don't look like to big of rednecks! i left andrew at home one morning and when i came back, elsiha was wearing his camo pjs(that he has outgrown) and using andrew's deer call! it has become his new favorite toys. just a new way to make animal sounds(his favorite past time). andrew relishes a chance to watch hunting videos when i am not at home(see above not as to my dislike of tv... and hunting videos are certainly not an exception!)... now it seems he is training elisha to join him ;-)


Sara said...

That's hilarious! You have to show Rob this trick next time we are over!

Christy said...

That house in the mountains looks incredible! And I love Elisha using the deer call.

jesse said...

Hey Jane! It's Jesse---from Lesley's wedding. I realized I don't know your last name! If you don't want to reveal it on here, you can email me @ I've been enjoying your blog--immensely.

Anonymous said...

man you know scott and L.B., we should all go gets some beer sometime he can really throw it down and then he even quotes the old testiment!