Thursday, August 28, 2008

still tall

not that everyone in the world cares about e's pediatrician visit today... but if you do, here are the stats. he is still in the 90-95% for height... but the 10% for weight. the fact that elisha hadn't stopped moving the entire time we were there seemed to ease my dr.'s mind that he is not malnourished, he just burns up all of his energy instead of keeping it around for fat production!

sadly, though, he had to get blood drawn from his arm to test for lead and it was heartbreaking. just heartbreaking. i think the fact that i am terrified of shots and blood draws makes it so much harder for me to see my baby have to go through it. he just looked up at me with a horrified expression... i don't blame him. i would be very upset if my mama didn't make people stop doing horrible things to me. oh! a mother's heartache... so many little things to ache over.

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