Tuesday, August 5, 2008

wedding flowers photos

here are some picture from the wedding--- after all the work i put in on it, i am a bit sad that i don't have many pictures... but these will give you an idea.
this first picture is of one of the centerpieces ... this one was in front of the bride and groom seats. thankfully none of the hydrangea at the reception wilted... i'm telling you-- don't use hydrangea in arrangements if you can help it! but it does look beautiful. the place cards used names from Charleston - where the couple is honeymooning...

my friend ashley put this one together while looking at the gigantic kissing ball i had done for the front entrance-- unfortunately, i don't have a picture of that one... maybe i can get some form the photographer... they were both great backgrounds for pictures...
i LOVE seeded eucalyptus- that is the almost blueish greenery
these are the bridesmaid's arrangements(that were the hasty replacements my friends made while i was putting the reception flowers out;-) they were used as centerpieces on the bridal party table.
i like this picture of one of the tables. when i did wedding flowers for a friend last year -4 days before my due date! it was at night and there was enough time to get picture before everything started, but w/ a 10:30 wedding-- and all the last minute disaster --we just couldn't even care about documenting anything.


The Slagleys said...

Beautiful job, Jane! I can't believe how great it turned out!

Anonymous said...

that is one gorgeous bouquet!

East Bremerton florist

j. said...

jane, they are beautiful!!! it almost makes me want to get back into flowers--but i definitely don't miss the stress. what i used to do to make sure hydrangea lasted was to cut up the stems 2 inches and us quickdip on them. also, they really don't care for floral foam.
thanks for sharing your pics!

Jean Joiner said...

beautiful work! one would nver know all you went through. :)