Friday, June 13, 2008

freeze up

i am experiencing an overload of blog ideas and it is causing a system freeze. i have so many things i need to get out there and i mentioned on one of my many 'facts about me' that large projects overwhelm me and i have to break them up to even begin to get them done!
while drifting off to sleep i will sometimes plan how to divide my huge list of recommendations into more managable post sizes... i promise it is coming!
- one recommendation i can throw out there is boy clothes-- i think old navy has cute boy baby clothes, target has some, gap does too... but w/ a higher price tag... you can find good stuff at t.j.maxx, ... and i was walking through a sears yesterday and they carry 'lands end' stuff now-- the boy clothes were cute/ preppy cute. if $ is no object (or to get ideas if you are a creative type) janie and jack have the cutest all time baby clothes ever!!!
- i love consignment sales... but i have to warn you- there are only half(if even) as many boy clothes as girl clothes... and they ( of course) are in as good of condition :-(
putting an applique on a onsie or shirt os easy breezy and can be really cute and funky. and shorts and pants (w/ elastic waists) are REALLY not very hard, i promise-- i can't even follow a pattern. i just traced the pieces of a pair i liked... works great!

stay tuned for many, many more tips

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The Slagleys said...

I am glad boy clothes are pretty easy to make. John-johns don't look very hard, so maybe I will start stocking up on boy fabric and I can learn how to do it! I am realizing now that girls do have a bigger selection, I always thought it would be so fun to buy boy clothes... but they all look similar!