Monday, June 23, 2008


i decided to write this in case there are mothers out there who do not know the wonder of bubbles... it is a good idea to keep a bottle (the little ones handed out at weddings are great for your purse!) with you at all times. they come in handy when you have a baby/ toddler having a melt down. there is something very calming about watching bubbles float through the air. when you are stuck in traffic or stck anywhere for that matter w/ a bored, fussy baby just start blowing bubbles a watch their eyes open wide in wonder... you both will relax a bit. i promise.


Jean Joiner said...

never thought to carry them with me...good idea and less filling than snacks. :)

trmills said...

Just had to write a note. I love the bubble distraction, too! But I've run into a snafu with a toddler with an emerging will who is no longer content to watch the magical bubbles- must hold the bubbles, must blow the bubbles, must spill the bubbles, will not be content until the bubble contents are all down his front! Our girl never struggled with this, so I guess it's temperament!