Friday, May 28, 2010

happy birthday to my big boy!

isn't three so old! elisha is such a charming three year old... i could tell that he wanted to act like a three year old... which to him meant saying "ok mama" when i told him to do something he would normally fuss about. he pointed out how he wasn't fussing... how he was being a big boy... it was so pleasant... for the 3 minutes that that game lasted ;-)
he is such a sweet, fun, funny little person. we feel heavily blessed to have him in our family...
my my, little man- you and your stick-up hair certainly rocked our world three years ago! we like it.

(the top picture is elisha laying on the quilt i made for his preschool class project for the school auction... in case i don't do a feature post on it later: i had each child do a drawing w/ fabric markers onto a white square and then i quilted it together with other fabrics. andrew became quite attached oddly enough, and bought it at the auction ... i'm still not sure if he really likes it that much, or just wanted me to feel better about all the time i spent making it ;-)

i really do have lots of posts waiting... we have been going ninety to nothing with birthday celebrating {sorry andrew and otis- i didn't do birthday posts for y'all!}, getting our garden planted, and quilting... speaking of-- i'm off to keep working on the big 3 & 3-0 party i'm throwing for my guys...

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LB said...

I cannot believe that it has been three years. As cliche as it sounds, it really seems like it was yesterday. Happy Birthday, Elisha!! And Andrew and Otis:)