Thursday, January 28, 2010

finally in the ground

i planted bookcoodles (sp?) of daffodils paired with hosta in the fall... but i just never got around to getting my tulips in the ground... until today. is it too late? i don't know yet!

in other news-- anna is crawling. she has been so different about it... elisha had this desperate need for speed and she is very calculated and elegant about it ;-) and she'll stop to wave every so often, to show you how thrilled she is with herself. as fun as all the new stuff she is doing is-- waving is still by far her favorite! she waves to the pretty things in her room all the time... a very friendly lady!

and along the same lines... she has also been pulling up. on occasion. that occasion being the middle of the night accompanied by much crying. needless to say- i am exhausted!

andrew and are making plans for some major backyard landscaping. we have been reading all about creating "rooms" in your yard... and reading a wonderful resource --"the backyard homestead"

i drowning under all the ideas i have for things to sew/knit/make... i have taken pictures of the anna's and my new hats; when i upload them i promise to post.

i am also working... as in maybe at some point getting paid for at least some of the designing i have been doing! more on that later ;-)

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