Tuesday, January 12, 2010

baby, it's cool outside!

here are some pictures of warmer times ;-)

i just saw this on pottery barn's website... i really like it. i think i will make one next year.

i finally took the ornaments off of our tree today. what do you think about me admitting that ?;-)
it takes me a little time to get my feet on the ground after Christmas. we usually get a few house projects done that week between Christmas and new year, but then new year's day always knocks me on my butt. it really is a bit dramatic how my whole system all of a sudden says " HIBERNATE". january is dark and cold ... and we have had a few tragic deaths in my family during this particular month in the past. all in all-- i feel a desperate need to get under the covers and stay there for a month at least. well, w/ two littles around here-- that ain't happening.
we are staying in a lot, trying to keep warm... and i am knitting a lot... just seems right.

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