Saturday, January 16, 2010

dirty hippies?

in highschool i remember thinking hippies were so cool... the tie dye, bell bottoms, long hair and beads. the grown-ups informed us that they really weren't so great-- there was a drug culture that was undesirable... not to mention, they were just plain dirty and smelly. while in college i didn't go the drug route, but i did go to enough concerts where i was surrounded by a thick fog of illegal smoke to decide that the scene really was not for me.
well, here i am all grown up (i guess- since i 2 kids, i must be?) and realizing that i am still very much drawn to those dirty hippies ;-) i have just followed a trail of links from a blog i read and am so interested in this whole "no-poo" thing! here is an interesting article on it.... i need to figure out how to link things, don't i?
not only am i considering tossing out the shampoo... i am also attending a "chicks in the city" symposium on raising urban chickens. and andrew just bought me a book that i am so excited about : The Backyard Homestead- producing all the food you need on just a quarter of an acre! our gardening has not been super successful thus far, but we have great hopes. and the huge three sectioned compost bin andrew built over Christmas should make a big difference on that front.
as i am blogging away from home, you will have to make do with no baby pics :-(


Christy said...

I hope you're feeling all better! And I really hope you raise chickens. Awesome.

Going to follow the no shampoo link ...

Christy said...

OK, so I'm totally dumping the shampoo. Brea told me about this a while back and I've been wanting to try it ever since (and I've been wanting to be a hippy for years!)

Question: Are you going to do this with E and A?

leslie the young mother said...

I have a few friends that do the no shampoo thing and love it! i'll go read the link and probably join you...haha! and oh my am I jealous of your compost pile and chicken plans! Matt said I could have 2 chickens but we decided to wait until the next house since our current yard is literally the size of a dorm room. for reals. But I'm so pumped about raising chickens and maybe a garden??? tell me if you like the book and think I should read it. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Sara said...

Ah, I'm glad you're making it to the chicken symposium! I want some for our backyard, but I think that might be a year or two from now. For now, the compost bin is next on our list. And I'll have to envy your garden from our yard of dense shade :) Rob got a homesteading book for Christmas too... wonder if it is the same one? Miss you guys!