Friday, April 10, 2009

last weekend andrew took elisha on a "guys weekend" ;-) he drove him to greenville,al to spend some time in the woods and with his grandparents and great grand parents... i was feeling uncomfortably giant to travel and a need to rest and nest. it was odd to be alone- but very nice! i got a lot of unhurried uninterupted shopping done at ikea and walmart, went to a yoga class, took a nap, made a cushoin for our window seat and pillows for our sofas... i'll post those later. but here are some pictures of e having fun on his daddy weekend.(a special thanks to nana for helping daddy w/ elisha, especially while he was turkey hunting ;-)


Ashley said...

Who took those pictures. They are just beautiful. I never had an eye for photography and I am just so jealous of those that do. I keep saying it but one day i'm going to bring Reagan over and let you snap a few of her....guess it had better be in the next 2 weeks though.

jane said...

andrew took the pics... they do look great! when we bother to pull out the "big" camera it is well worth it- it takes much better pictures! the other key is to take a billion so you have plenty to narrow down from... but andrew does have a much better "eye" than i do-- and i'm supposed to be the artsy one in the family-- whats up w/ that?!

Wes and Kelbe said...

He's are you? Where are you living? When are you due?

Can I add a link to your blog so we can keep in touch?

Take Care!

jane said...

hey kelbe! i had my little girl on may 1st... we are in atlanta... and yes you can certainly add a link.
looks like you have a little one too!
hope y'all are doing well!