Thursday, April 9, 2009

egg hunt etc.

these are some pictures from the easter egg hunt we did when playgroup was at our house yesterday... it was so funny to watch e figure it all out... before our friends arrived i handed him one of the extra eggs and he opened it. he followed me around the house saying "egg broke, egg broke... mama trash" then i let him see me put a sticker in it and close it back--- his eyes were so wide open... he was amazed! at the bottom of this post is a funny video clip of him hunting for eggs.

here is a family of geese that walked up our driveway the other day. we hear them all the time and we've seen them at the lake nearby and even hanging out in a nieghbor's yard, but monday the two adults had 7 cute babies w/ them and walked all the way up our driveway! i was so glad that i looked out the window at the right time... elisha and i had a great time watching them-- and otis enjoyed barking at them, which of course caused them turn around and lead their little ones away...

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