Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it was CRAZY... but worth it

as you can see i racked up at the gwinnett county consignment sale... and i got even more stuff--- tons of board books for 1 or 2 dollars each, several great parenting books, a baby swing for $15, a little in bed co-sleeper for $10 and a "gypsy mama" cotton gauze wrap sling for $20... which you usually spent $50 to get used! i got all 60 items for under $200. i think we are set for the summer... but i can't help myself- i have to check out the boutique armoire sale. i lost track of time b/c my cell battery died and didn't leave until 7, then got lost coming home-in the dark w/ my toddler... neither of us having had dinner(plenty of snacks for e to keep him happy while i shopped, though) we were halfway to athens before i was sure of my mistake. we didn't get home until 9!!! but i think it was worth it. i'm so excited about the little silver ballet shoes especially ;-)


Amanda said...

wow i love all those clothes! yes the silver slippers and the watermelon bubble are my favs!

leslie. said...

what cute finds!!! your kids will be styling for sure :)

The Hilton's said...

You are a trooper!!