Sunday, April 27, 2008

tagged again

i was 'tagged' again to share some info about myself.
so lb this is for you:
10 years ago i was:

i was probably going through my first breakup... my first boyfriend and i dated for 9 months and didn't go on any dates by ourselves... we did however take an art class w/ another friend at the local community college... a very formative time for my artistic career.

5 things on my to-do list:

1. get the house picked up(always on my list b/c thanks to all the boys i live w/... ok- and myself- it doesn't stay picked up for more than 5 minutes.
2. go to the grocery store.
3. make a beautiful brown linen baby sling for my mother in-law to give as a gift to a very lucky girl in al... i'm telling you if you have got a 'babe-in-arms' it is even better than sliced bread!
4. get some birthday goodies in the mail.
5. hhhmmmm making some rice krispie treats would be a nice thing 'to-do' !

5 snacks i enjoy

1. see above= rice krispie treats
2. good old fashioned plain lays potatoe chips
3. homemade chex mix(i make mine w/ pecans, cheerios, and stick pretzels)
4. hummus on homemade pita chips
5. party food... more specifically- shower food... you know all the yummy things i refer to.

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire

1. i would enjoy finding places to give money away... and be really involved in the process.
2. i would buy a house conviently located in atlanta with room to entertain and house guests as well as lots of children... plenty of yard space and even a greenhouse and studio out back.
3. i would adopted some children to fill that big house.
4. i would hire some help to take care of that big house and help me stay sane while raising all the children.
5. make that an even bigger estate and have an organic garden on it that we could live off of and maybe even have a classical christain school on the grounds(we would hire tobias to teach ;-)(ellie- if you are reading this you can tell him to be hholding out for this great job!... and of course all your children would be there too!)

5 bad habits

1. not following through on big projects
2. feeling guilty about not doing things i set out to do
3. being completely lazy w/ my typing/ spelling!
4. letting the dirty dishes pile up
5. not planning/ making good dinners for my family

5 places i have lived

1. macon
2. auburn
3. greenville, sc
4. atlanta
--- i can't believe i haven't lived in 5 different cities!

5 jobs i have had

1. chick-fil-a employee
2. youth intern at mitchell road pres. church
3. ceramic studio tech
4. art teacher
5. mother/ sling maker


Amy said...

Jane, Will you put up a brown linen sling on your website? I will buy it! I still don't have a sling! David is 8 months now- he's not too big, is he?

Amy said...

I just realized you do have some linen ones on your site! I'm going to order the brownish/tan one. I'm excited! They are so cute!

Milla said...

I was a chick-fil-a employee too! What a great place...

And, how do you make homemaid potato chips? I want to try! You should post about this sometime.