Saturday, April 5, 2008

100 things

i have been 'tagged' to post 100 things about me ... wow- thats alot of things... i didn't know there were that many things... maybe that can count as fact #1
well, read if you want(and have the time)

2. my middle name is McRae
3. i used to wish it was something i could go by instead of 'jane' ---
4. i hated being 'plain jane'
5. i have now embraced the whole 'plain jane' thing
6. i grew up in otis redding's hometown
7. i have a dog named otis
8. my cousin has bought shoes from otis redding's mother's shoe shop in macon
9. i am #2 of 4 girls
10. i have a laid back husband
11. i have a fairly dramatic son
12. my son has had a great sense of humor from just a few months old
13. my favorite color was yellow when i was little
14. then my favorite color was green
15. i wanted to name my child (boy or girl) green
16. i didn't
17. when i was ~ 2 1/2 i told my mother that God gave me a new heart
18. i was baptized on the grand opera house stage
19. my mother says that is way i love to dance and sing and entertain
20. that and the fact that she listened to pavarati the whole time she was pregnant w/ me
21. i took piano for ~ 4 years and still can't really play
22. i hate to practice
23. i took ballet from the time i was 4... my mother begged for me to get in before i was really old enough
24. i was a cheerleader through jr.high and high school
25. i was captain of our soccer team... only b/c i hassled our boys coach to let us have a girl's team... i played like a girl, which considering the fact that i am one can't be such a bad thing!
26. i met my husband at auburn university... at 'the strutting duck' (ok, so-- i actually had met him before...but it makes a better story)
27.i am never going to cut my babies hair again, then i can at least blame someone else for how it turns out!
28. i used to cut my hair all the time... it was almost always a mistake
29. i have always wanted red hair.
30. i had a pair of seafoam green coolotts(sp???) that i loved and wore almost every day when i was about 5.
31.i LOVE the beach... especially ones w/ spanish moss draped oaks nearby
32. my parents made us watch a movie about preventative forest fires when i was 10
33. my husband loves burning preventative forest fires, sometimes even with my parents
34. i love the store 'anthropology'
35. i love having roses to cut and bring inside.
36. i love daffodils
37. i went to la merida, mexico in 8th grade on a missions trip... we slept in hammocks
38. i tried to sleep in my hammock when i got home, but woke up on the floor(i didn't hang it well)
39. i was valedictorian of my highschool class.
40. my graduating class had 13 people in it.
41. my parents help start the classical christian school that i graduated from
42. i taught art at a classical christian school in atlanta... k-5 through 7th
43. i am fascinated by birth... and was dying to have a natural childbirth.
44. i had natural back labor(if you don't know what that is... be thankful) for ~10 hours after a weekend of 'pre labor'... then a cesarean birth
45. i think breastfeeding is vital... worth fighting through those first weeks-- it gets easier.
46. i LOVE to dance... any kind of dancing
47. i LOVE to sing my heart out to loud music while driving down country roads
48. i have really enjoyed a few clove ciggarettes... but only a few.
49. my husband would die if i became a smoker. he hates nothing more!
50. i love the smell of my baby's breath... i wonder when that will change?
51. i think my baby's bottom is THE cutest thing in the world!
52. i love the feeling of warm sand between my toes.
53. i love to sit under an umbrella at the beach and read all day
54.teeth are very important to my family
55. my grandfather was a dentist
56. my uncle is a dentist
57. my mother is a dental hygenist
58. my cousin wants to be a dentist
59. my father is an orthodontist.
60. i had braces twice
61. the 2nd time they were clear
62. i was in jr. high
63. i had a huge crush on a guy named josh snaderson in jr. high as well
64. he didn't like me back :-(
65. my favorite friday night activity for most of highschool was going to tacobell w/ my bossom buddy -emily
66. if she lived closer i would still like to... even though i don't really like taco bell
67. my husband loves to hunt for deer and turkey.
68. i tried but my feet got to cold.
69. i hate being cold!
70. the winter makes me depressed...
71. i have SAD - seasonal affected disorder
72. i just made a reaaly cute skirt w/ yellow birds on it.
73. i am really into bird parephenalia
74. my sister is in paris right now
75. i went to paris and italy when i was pregnant
76. i was sad to be pregnant in tuscany... it sort of changed our plans
77.i actually enjoyed being pregnant
78. and i kind of loved wearing maternity clothes
79. i HATE six flags
80. i don't ride fair rides
81. i am worried about how this will work as i raise a boy
82. i am not good at completing big tasks... i have to break them up so as not to get overwhelmed...

to be cont... mybe


Lucy (or) Faith Collins said...

I love it!! But I do think the statements about your son, husband, and the rest of your family are kinda cheating, huh? More about YOU, I think. (Like, you used to have a bottle hanging out of your mouth til you were about 6... You loved the show "The Monkeys"...) Maybe I'll think of more.. gotta run now to meet a language partner. ugh.

leslie. said...

this is so cool! your life is sweet :)

also, very classy to claim the "struttin' duck" as your's and Andrew's meeting place. i've been there. it IS classy :)