Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#83-100 facts(continued)

i couldn't handle all 100 facts at one time so here are the last ~20 {if you are super interested in me you will have to see the previous post to read the first 82 facts i posted}
i am looking forward to finishing this and tagging other people... you know you want to share!

83. i was a vegetarian for almost a year (vegan for most of that time period)
84. i had serious chocolate cravings when i was vegan
85. i still do... i love the darkest of dark dark chocolate
86. having chocolate at night keeps me up and then gives me weird dreams
87. we used to get a baskin robins ice cream cake for birthdays growing up (vanilla cake w/ mint chocolate ice cream) i lllooovvveee them!
88. at one point we(my 3 sisters and i) had over 60 barbie dolls... and maybe 4 0r 5 barbie vehicals... maybe more
89. my second toe is longer than my 'big' toe... so really i have a fat toe and then a tall toe, not really just one big toe per foot
90. dancing on pointe during my ballet years was a little complicated for that long toe.
91. i love mint and lemon in my sweet tea... and i make mine out of earl grey tea
92. we had a mama cat who adopted us when i was growing up... she had four litters of 7 kittens each before mama took her and her kittens away :-(
93. i love camellias... something that blooms in the winter is always welcome
94. i think the smell of gardenias and magnolias will always remind me of waiting for my son to be born
95. i really do drive over a river(creek) and through the woods to get to my grandmother's house.
96. i want to have tons of grandchildren(which is why i guess i need to have tons of kids?)
97. i was engaged for 4.5 months before i got married--- i think short engagements are best
98. i used to dream of having a really old vw van... now i drive a fairly new vw wagon.... not quite the same
99. i can eat a pan of rice krispie treats by myself in a day.
100. i ate at the waffle house all dressed up before my senior prom.

there now, i get to tag others to do this daunting task. faith- you acted interested so you are up! i know you probably have better things to do while in paris.... but you can do it in short installments.
i also tag christy mobley... i know you did 5 a while ago, but it just left me wondering what 95 other interesting things there might be.
i also tag leslie (used to be prouty) steele(sp?)... i know you don't have one yet... but you want one, you know you do... and what better way to start?
have fun ladies!


leslie. said...

oooo jane, you do know how to get to my core! i'm really wanting to start my own...but i can't think of a clever name! suggestions?

soon, soon i hope to be cool like all of the other bloggers out there. i've always been a little behind....


Hudlow Family said...

Jane, I'm so glad you wrote on my blog. I love discovering new blogs and finding out what's going on with everyone! Your little boy is adorable!