Friday, February 22, 2008

i am nuts!

so i went to a consignment sale today... and i have to just say, girl clothes are ssoooo much cuter than boy clothes. or at least there are more cute girl clothes than boy clothes.

i walked out w/ almost twice as many girl clothes as boy clothes !!! you may be asking yourself ," isn't her child a boy? is she pregnant w/ a girl?" yes- i have a boy, no- i am not pregnant again. i am just nuts! everyone i know has girls so i am hoping that some of them will want to buy these darling cute clothes from me... hey, i fought the crowds and picked out the good ones--- maybe i should start charging all you girl's mommies to be your personal shopper!

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Brea said...

Hey, Jane! I found your blog! Boys are sorely discriminated against in the clothing department, aren't they? I feel bitter every time I go to a department store and the girl's clothing section is three times as large as the boy's clothing section! Oh, well, I guess we make up for it by having extra-cute boys!