Wednesday, February 13, 2008

creative genius

so... my previous post inspired me to share more of my creative projects (instead of simply my procreative one = little e). it's important to have a creative outlet to stay sane when your #1 companion everyday is 1/26th your age. this is what i have been up to: this is my 'happy valentine's day playgroup' brownie cake... my first time baking in a silicone pan (one from the $1 spot @ target no less). hopefully the broken heart isn't an omen ;-)
this is the bottom of the first "simply plain jane" sling that i have made for myself. it is a dupioni silk that will look beautiful with my black dress that i will be wearing to my brother-in-law's wedding this weekend... now i just have to make e something to wear!

this is one of my dining room chairs... i have been slaving away on this project. i have been sanding, priming, and painting our dining room table and chairs black... and i'm recovering the seat cushions.

here are my knitting projects. you can tell that i have made a little progress on my shawl. but there are many more balls of yarn to turn into shawl. the light blue will be a hat for little e... if i ever figure out how... hopefully i will before winter is over!

for all the cloth diaperers (is that a word?) i have made a cute little wool cover and wool longies are a work in progress.... both created from goodwill sweaters (that goodwill stop scored me a jogging stroller for $20!)

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