Sunday, February 10, 2008

dog's best friend?

while fighting our dog, otis, off of the high chair while feeding e, i realized-- i am my dog's least best friend! andrew feeds him @ night and gives him a treat before going to work every morning. while my sweet sweet son tries to share all of his food w/ otis. he will be eating an animal cracker and (much to my dismay) he will hold his hand down to the side of the high chair in between each bite (can it be called a bite if he has no teeth?) to let otis have a lick. i am, meanwhile, showing no love to our dog as i swat him away and very firmly tell him NO!
it is sad to realize that my first little boy (of sorts) feels so unloved by me. maybe he realizes in some way that i provided him w/ this little treat dropping friend he has found.

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