Monday, January 30, 2012

some show and tell...

I have been going through pictures and realized that I have so many things that I have intended to share here... 
wedding gift wall art
 One of the groomsmen from our wedding recently got married and I wanted to give them something special... He married an artist and their invitation had a lovely motif at the top. I made this 8X10 pieced embroidery based on the invitation design and put it in a frame for them.
warm and cozy
 I finished Anna's sweater in plenty of time for the little bit of cool weather we have had... It is the little garter cardi - a free pattern through ravelry. I used Malabrigo yarn which is my all time favorite yarn.
before and after
 I have been intending to give this craiglist find a makeover for 3 years now... after Christmas I finally got the impulse to get it done.
fly away!
 Oh how I love Pinterest! I have the tutorial for this lovely simple project pinned. It is simple to make, but time consuming...
wing span
 Instead of tying the wings around her neck the way the tutorial suggests, I made longer ties that wrap around and tie in the back... just didn't feel comfortable with something around her neck. I also put the feathers on a fabulous silk dupioni- never waste an opportunity for fabulousness ;-)
feathered friend

late night sewing
 I have finally joined the crowd of people wearing the figure eight scarf from Anna Maria Horner's tutorial. I stayed up way too late piecing some of her velveteens and voiles (and a bit of silk)... I made my scarf a bit shorter and more narrow than her pattern... I think my dimensions are 15"X 65".
hand knits times two
Remember the sweater I knit for Anna a few years ago that she wore almost every cold day for two years? Well, it is getting a second life on cute little Charlotte (who was desperate for a nap and would not stay still for an instant)... yes it is the same exact color as the sweater I knit for Anna this year. I couldn't resist- goes so well with everything! It is too bad babies don't understand the importance of photography-- both girls were also wearing cute scrappy skirts... not exactly matching, but definitely coordinating.

merry christmas
And here is a little late Merry Christmas from us! and ... yeah, I wanted to show off my fabulous yellow boots. I kept looking for some and finally found them at Kudzu antiques in Decatur... they are great for brightening a gray day ;-)


Camille said...

I really, really want my daughter to be an owl for Halloween so I can make this cape in various shades of grey. I tried to convince her last year but it was a no go. Yours is beautiful!

Christy said...

Loved catching up on your trip and the continuing list of amazing things you've made. Have I mentioned that you are the coolest person I've ever known? Anyway, I just adore the way Anna poses for you. Ahh! So cute!

jane said...

Thank you!
Christy-- I think being the coolest person you know has made my year! and yeah... I'm a little woried that I'm turning her into a diva... maybe a hobbit diva, but a diva nonetheless- she does love to strike a pose!