Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy January

Normally "happy" doesn't go in the same sentence as January for me. But this year is different ... The whole month has been changed by the fact that the last weekend is going to be AMAZING! My big birthday present is a trip to Palm Springs for a sewing workshop with 3 of my favorite fabric designers (yes- Anna Maria Horner will be there!!). Having that to look forward to has really changed the whole feel of the month for me....Another thing that has made a huge difference is the timer on our lamp that gradually turns the light on before we wake up has really made waking up to the dark winter mornings so much better that I find myself singing on the way to preschool!

Here are some other things that have made this position in our orbit around the sun bearable :

::Spending time in the basement turning these patchwork squares into...

...this lovely clergy stole for my sister-in-law who is undergoing the Methodist ordination process this year.

::finally completing this big girl bed quilt for Anna.... Not ready for said big girl bed just yet, though!
edit:: turns out it didn't matter that I wasn't ready-- she not only could climb out of her bed, but she figured out how to unzip her crib tent and climb out... then she figured out how to reach her hand around and undo the safety pin I used to keep the zipper secure... I had to give in-- she has been sleeping under that lovely quilt in her big girl bed for a week now (sniff sniff... where did my babies go?)

:: having my sewing space transform from this ... this! Being organized is fun... sometimes...

::putting a few more things(ok, ok-- a few more chickens) on my collage wall.

:: sewing with my girlie right beside me( who am I kidding- that was special, but also stressful ;)

:: having my chickens come visit me through my sewing studio window ;). ... You may have also noticed how much I have been enjoying instagram !

:: receiving a package from And having my 4 year old son as excited about the prettiness as I was! Those velveteens are so delightful!

edit-- I have been blogging from my phone b/c otherwise I just haven't been making time for it... trouble is- the pictures are small and awful, but they aren't as awful if you click on the image and it opens in a separate window.

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Brea said...

Yeah, Jane! So glad you're finding ways to beat the January blahs! Excited for you about the sewing workshop!

Christy said...

Your collage wall and chickens have just made me so happy!