Thursday, July 14, 2011

a winter wedding quilt

for my dear cousin, who is considered the fifth sister in our family. she met and has now married, a man who shares so many of her loves... he is so right for her that multiple mutual friends told her he was the man she was going to marry before she had even really met him!they share many interests in common, but at first their basic design and color leanings didn't seem to have any similarity. this was quite a challenge for me.... but after mulling as long as their shortish engagement gave me leave to ;-) i decided on a design that merges each aesthetic... her loves of rich color and exquisite design is obviously present in the stained glass-esque (yes, that word is also one of my creation ;-) string pieced center. his simple modern aesthetic is nodded to with the more modern square shape of the throw and the gray framing blocks. i love how it is such a picture of the merging and complementing of their personalities.
i paper pieced the string blocks (my first ones to try-- loved making them!)... the gray is mostly linen.
the backing is a gray sateen sheet from ikea... and i hand quilted with gray dmc perle cotton and hand tied the centers of the squares with turquoise. i love to add a little home on wedding quilts ;-)

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leslie the young mother said...

so incredibly beautiful and full of meaning! I'm sure it's going to be a lifelong treasure for them :)