Saturday, July 16, 2011

hunting for eggs

no, we aren't hunting for fresh eggs in our hen house yet... still a couple more months before we can expect those. i was looking through pics on our computer and realized that i should get some things documented....
easter 2011

it was a very nostalgic easter for me... for the first time my children had an easter egg hunt at my grandmothers house-- just like we all did every year! it was really sweet to watch them and remember what fun i had when i was a child.
i made that cute pink bow tie on elisha... really not very hard to do with the help of some online tutorials.... andrew felt like he was really making a statement by wearing a pink tie... he was curious about what that statement was. i told him it was showing how he could have fun and match his kids(my necklace and shoes were pinkish, so matched a bit, too)... made me smile when we got to church and 4 of his friends also had on pink ties or shirts ;-)

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