Tuesday, July 13, 2010

defeating dragons

Elisha has been very busy exercising his 'pretend' skills. He has been taking many boat rides on various vessels...

And he has been beating off dragons, monsters, and 'naughty' people.

I had a quick trip to goodwill and picked a couple classics on VHS... Elisha was delighted. Since we couldn't watch them right away, he just looked at the pictures on the front. He had an awful lot to say about that that that man, that guy on the white horse who fights dragons.... I told him it was prince charming, and isn't it nice to have a prince charming around... Somehow throughout the afternoon Anna became 'prince charmy' and Elisha did a great job protecting her from all sorts of bad people with horns and dragons. I tried to explain that a prince is a Boy and a PRinCeSs is a girl, but to no avail... It was so amusing to see Anna so oblivious of her role while Elisha was protecting her... Even after supper he would run in the room where she was and say," it's ok prince charmy- don't fuss."

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Christy said...

Totally adorable.