Thursday, June 25, 2009

yikes! too much temptation...

just as was getting embarrassed about my fabric obsession-- what happens?!? my easiest temptation- sends me an email about a 30% off sale on ALL their cotton prints! oh my goodness... i didn't hold up to temptation for long-- just long enough to fill my cart and hit the checkout button ;-) well, i think i'm pretty well stocked for the making little bit some cute clothes for the fall and making some great Christmas presents... if you are a maker, then you know as i do that Christmas is just around the corner... you have to start planning now ;-)

i invite you all to this fabulous sale which lasts until june 29th... check out the amy butler fabric and anna marie horner's drawing room collection -- those are some of my favorites... and if you order over $35 you get free shipping!

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abbiegrace said...

i'm so glad you posted this!