Friday, June 19, 2009

flights of fancy

i have been on such a bird kick. now it is spreading to butterflies. i have found more fabulous fabric ( i know, i have an addiction!) with butterflies... and some great ones w/ owls. the question is -- what do i do w/ all of it? i think i may pick up quilting in earnest b/c i need something to do w/ all the wonderful fabric! which reminds me-- i don't think i have made a post about my first quilt- the one i made for anna... well, once i clear my computer a bit and make enough room to upload more pics i'll post about it
... b/c, as you may be able to tell- i'm trying to make up for neglecting my blog so much as of late ... i can't promise that i can keep this rate up. but the option of delaying posts for a later date is nice b/c then i can do several at a time to be posted over a series of days.

1 comment:

leslie. said...

pretty fabric makes me smile too :) can't wait to see your quilting!