Saturday, September 27, 2008

silly boys

don't really know what i can add to these silly pictures... they speak for themselves ;-)

but i can give a bit of an update: we are still waiting for the bathroom construction to be finished... it will be so nice to no longer have a toilet sitting in our bedroom-- not to mention the smell of drywall dust! as soon as the work is finished we will be listing our house on the market... hopefully in a week! o my! we scrubbed our deck and planted pansies and mulched, edged... we have been busy this weekend getting ready. e tried to help... but i'm afraid he really did more harm than good with the pansies.
we also have plans to close on a new home at the end of october!!! not the ideal order of operations- but i have to say this house will definitely show better when i get the dog and the toddler out of it ;-) andrew and i have felt like junior high kids in love... staying up late talking in the dark about our infatuation with this house we are buying... it is just outside of the perimeter... so not tooo far out, but it sits on close to 2 acres of land!!! and not only that, our land connects to a great park... it really is a dream come true for my husband, who never intended to live in a big city. to be able to get to the woods from our back door is going to be such a blessing! that's what this really is-- just such a blessing. we feel like God has picked out the perfect gift and is lavishing it on us!
that's i can keep my eyes open to tell you tonight...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

say what?

i have been asked to document the words elisha says these days... it is true, i can't remember when he started saying so many of them... now they are just part of his repertoire. of course he has his own sweet version of each of these, but if you are paying attention to him and realize his ability-- it is obvious what he is talking about.

-- so here is the list of e's words at almost 16 months... roughly in order of acquisition:

bwee bwee(thats 'paci')
milk (mee mee)
thank you
nana (banana)
bye bye
boo boo
poo poo
all done (sounds a bit like "alyon")
uh oh

i think that's about it... however, if noises count... moo moo meow chugga chugga..... the list could go on and on... ;-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

boo boo

ever since we had our doc. visit when elisha got shots and blood drawn he has been very attuned to boo boos... the band aid on his leg and arm was so interesting! well he skinned his knee a bit this weekend and still has a little scratch to show for it. he came up to me this morning talking about it-- at first i thought he was saying 'poo poo', but then he pointed to his knee. as we were talking about that boo boo i told him he had one on his chin too and pointed to it(he bumped it pretty hard on a wooden basket). funny fella-- he proceeds to point to the blemish on my face and tell me i have a boo boo. you can always count on children for their honesty and observation powers... i guess i am only at the beginning of suffering for my child's honesty ;-)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

patty cake

we had friends to dinner the other night and so i made a special dessert... i finished this just before they arrived so i put it in the fridge w/ out any saran wrap over it.... well- i opened the fridge later and elisha snuck right past me and put his hand right into the cake! luckily our friends both have daughters about e's age, so they weren't grossed out-- they thought it was as cute as i did ;-)

it's a super yummy summery dessert that is very easy --so i'll share w/ y'all. you can make it while it still feels like summer...
-make a yellow (our white) cake box cake in a big rectangular dish. after it is cooked pinch out little holes all across the top
-thaw and squish a bag of frozen strawberries, then spread it on top o the cake so that it seeps into the holes in the cake.
-make vanilla instant pudding and mix it with a container of cool whip. spread on top of cake as icing... put in fridge and wait... it gets better after sitting overnight.

Friday, September 5, 2008

hard @ work

these are some pictures from last weekend at our house... things are really turned upside-down! but e is enjoying the process... he was enthralled by his daddy's hammering and after watching for a minute he ran to get his own hammer and went to town -pounding away...
andrew was working on framing a closet around our washer and dryer in the garage -- one of the many projects we have going to get our house 'market ready'... we have a PODS unit sitting in our driveway that we are filling with most of our belongings not absolutely neccesary for everyday life. we have a darling house that we want to showcase to it fullest potential, so we are trying to get the closets half empty and the toys out of sight... not an easy job!

our goal is to list our home on the market by oct. 1st... we'll see how that goes. we are hoping to stay in the same area, just find a larger home that will last us a good ten years or so...we may have to move out a bit to make that happen though...

in the meantime wish me luck!

ps. oxyclean spray left on grout for a few hours then scrubbed can work wonders on your kitchen floors--- but beware, it takes a multitude of rinses to get all the suds up!