Sunday, September 7, 2008

patty cake

we had friends to dinner the other night and so i made a special dessert... i finished this just before they arrived so i put it in the fridge w/ out any saran wrap over it.... well- i opened the fridge later and elisha snuck right past me and put his hand right into the cake! luckily our friends both have daughters about e's age, so they weren't grossed out-- they thought it was as cute as i did ;-)

it's a super yummy summery dessert that is very easy --so i'll share w/ y'all. you can make it while it still feels like summer...
-make a yellow (our white) cake box cake in a big rectangular dish. after it is cooked pinch out little holes all across the top
-thaw and squish a bag of frozen strawberries, then spread it on top o the cake so that it seeps into the holes in the cake.
-make vanilla instant pudding and mix it with a container of cool whip. spread on top of cake as icing... put in fridge and wait... it gets better after sitting overnight.

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