Tuesday, September 9, 2008

boo boo

ever since we had our doc. visit when elisha got shots and blood drawn he has been very attuned to boo boos... the band aid on his leg and arm was so interesting! well he skinned his knee a bit this weekend and still has a little scratch to show for it. he came up to me this morning talking about it-- at first i thought he was saying 'poo poo', but then he pointed to his knee. as we were talking about that boo boo i told him he had one on his chin too and pointed to it(he bumped it pretty hard on a wooden basket). funny fella-- he proceeds to point to the blemish on my face and tell me i have a boo boo. you can always count on children for their honesty and observation powers... i guess i am only at the beginning of suffering for my child's honesty ;-)


Christy said...

Too funny! E would have a hay day with me right now. I remember once when I was in about 7th grade, a little girl from across the street asked me if I had the chicken pox. Such an ego boost for the delightful middle school years!

Denise said...

That is so funny. He was just worried about you. Mary Selwyn calls them Bubbas. Her legs are covered so every so often she looks down and whines about her bubbas. Hope y'all are doing well!