Tuesday, October 21, 2008

our unborn

beware: slightly political content...
i am feeling such a burden right now the most vulnerable unspoken for subset of our population... the genocide of our unborn is such an atrocity! a friend just shared with me that 90% of babies with downs syndrome are aborted!!! support groups are closing down b/c there just aren't many being born. we are like russia -they sent their mentally retarded off to live elsewhere, yet we are so much worse b/c we are just killing them off! while they are completely unable to fend for themselves. there are 4,000 human aborted (killed) a day! in the US... this is a blood bath
this issue is so huge, i can't even scratch the surface... especially not spur of the moment during nap time, but i am just feeling so burdened... i know when speaking of the upcoming election and political issues people say there are other important issues that lead them to vote against their conscience on the abortion issue... all i can say is: how are we judging importance? because in my book life or death pretty much makes the cut for extremely important!

but i guess it doesn't affect how much money you have left after taxes to spend on stuff... and if you are claiming the lives of soldiers in iraq(who signed on for the risky job they do) are more important- just look up the stats... the lives of soldiers lost throughout the entire war compared to one year of abortion, you will be blown away. it is time we spoke up for these lives


Amanda said...

Jane, I am with you on this issue. My brother-in-law wrote a blog post a couple days ago that puts many of our thoughts and emotions about the abortion issue into words. It is here

That posting probably didn't work but his link in on my blog list "The Turnbulls"

LB said...

Amanda...I was totally going to mention that post to Jane:) I am with you too, Jane. I know there are other issues, but this is the one that weighs heavy on my heart. It is HEARTBREAKING. These precious, precious babies. Just the other night after reading Adam's post (the link that Amanda posted) I was reminding Scott out loud of the night that I showed up at your house for community group and first told you that I was pregnant. You showed me your book of all the pictures of the different stages. I was so newly pregnant, and the picture of Ada at those few weeks, well she was a baby. I mean, she was clearly a baby. It was amazing to see that photo that night, and then hear people argue about when life begins. I am so not qualified to argue ANY of this, but again, Scott and I were continuing to talk, and it confuses me that people would even consider life starting outside of the womb. Life starts the second that baby is conceived, and then it is nestled safely in the womb until it is time to come out. And even then, we keep babies nestled in our homes--or our slings;)--or whatever until they are safe to "go out into the world." Why is the womb not considered a place of life simply because it is the safest place for the baby to go through those first few stages of growing and developing? Okay, there are my two cents from one who does even come close to having enough knowledge to argue this. Just my mama heart in total agreement with you, Jane!!!

LB said...

sorry for leaving the longest comment, ever!!

and I meant to say that I don't come close to knowing enough.

Amy said...

Watch this it's horrendous-


Sara Wade said...

Jane, I agree with you-- abortion is such a tragedy! But, I (as you know and expect) don't agree with you totally on the voting thing. First of all, people certainly don't vote democrat b/c it will make them richer-- quite the opposite most of the time. Second, I've yet to see any pro-life fruits from the election of all these pro-life candidates (I get the SC justice argument, but most of the republican appointees have even said they don't plan to overturn roe v. wade).

Third (and closely related to the last point), abortion has become such a wedge issue that politicians can oftentimes safely hide behind a pro-life stance without having to answer for the moral/ethical implications of ANY other policy. That isn't to say that I disagree with being a one-issue voter. I don't... I think if that is what God has burdened you to base your vote on, then it is absolutely what you should base your vote on. But, it infuriates me that politicians can count on Christian voters simply by saying "I'm pro-life"... most of them aren't out there working on a daily basis to reduce abortions or make abortions illegal (what I mean is, it isn't exactly the issue that dominates their daily legislative efforts), and yet, because they have that label, they have a free pass in the eyes of many voters (regardless of their other policy stances and actions).

Finally, I wish that everyone (including myself) who has such strong convictions about abortions was out there doing something tangible to reduce abortion in America. I fear that too many people content themselves with voting for pro-life politicians, which clearly isn't getting the job done. If abortion is the defining moral tragedy of our age (and overrules all other policy considerations on which one would vote), why aren't we out there ministering to unwed mothers? Why aren't we giving our money to crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies? Why aren't we volunteering and meeting the needs of low-income women that have chosen life? Until we as a society and as a subculture begin SHOWING how much we value life, which includes speaking to (and demanding our politicians speak to)the practical concerns of mothers and children, then I wonder how much good pulling the lever every four years is actually going to do.

Okay, I might have beat Laura Beth for the longest post! Love you both very much...

jane said...

-the pro-life politicians may not be actively doing much to stop abortion, but on the pro-choice side they are actively protecting ,supporting, and fighting for abortion!
-as far as being a single issue voter- i am not one... we just fundmentally disagree on the role of government. when you have a big central government you are putting more and more power into the hands of a few and believing that man is fallen, it is hard for me to believe that doesn't lead to corruption that causes evryone to suffer--- but i really don't want to start a political debate here: regardless of what party you support, as believers in the sanctity of life we should hold our canidates accountable for the protection of the innocent unborn.
and personally, you are right sara, we should get involved/start up ministries to help stop abortions... we support one in macon that many people i grew up with dedicate a lot of their time and resources to. i would love to do more. we should press each other on to put even more than our vote toward this huge atrocity.

jane said...

hey y'all - found this and thought i'd share the link. http://www.ramahinternational.org/georgia.html
it is a list of over 80 crisis pregnancy centers in ga-- there is actually one in tucker i'm excited about!

Craig and Gwen said...

Sara -

We do help the unborn children - everyday in smalls ways - by being in community - by supporting our church and the ministries it supports (including low income families, prison families, crisis pregnancy centers, and by raising our children to know the truth about life.
We DO NOT do everything we should on any issue - but as believers we are sent to proclaim truth and to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. And to repent we we are sucking that up.
So the question is can you vote pro-choice and proclaim truth at the same time?
It's that whole truth, principle, opinion thing - how we finance is principle and some opinion, as well as welfare and the like - but Abortion is murder without question - it is TRUTH.
It is one issue without fail that is very black and white - and to support it - crazy I think.
Politicians will do anything to get votes - but I still believe it is a Christians moral obligation to refuse to vote for any pro-choice candidate -
And a lot of better educated people than me (and you Sara :) ) - agree with me on this issue.
But honestly - we all have to account for ourselves and we you get to heaven - "Gwen told me to dot it" won't be an excuse for not thinking, studying and deciding for yourself (and I guess I can't use Sara told me to do either)
Much love!

Scott said...

I see a great discussion coming up this Thursday at community group. I wish I could be there to listen and learn.

(Now, to help LB out, if you average out the comments left by the Moore's, it would equate to a fairly normal lengthed comment.)

Strategic Recruiting said...
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CRash said...

I am not going to chime in with my political opinions (I know, shocker!) but am so glad to hear your heart for this issue Jane and agree with you across the board.

Now if the government would only leave me a bit of my own money and let me decide how to use it, perhaps I/we could do more to help in our communities. (sorry, couldn't resist)

CRash said...

Thought you might also enjoy the art exhibit by the Cornell Coalition for Life that is currently being disputed in court.