Sunday, January 27, 2008

here i am @ 3:40am...

home alone... rudely awaken by otis barking a e's nursery door, then running outside to bark some more... quite shaken i check things out (never fun to have your dog think there is something to bark at in your child's room... all is well... i'm thankful to worship the LORD tsebaoth - the LORD of hosts. the Bible study i have been a part of has really been great--studying the names of God.
now that otis is back to snoring on my bed... and the LORD's hosts surround us, hopefully i will join otis in the sleeping/snoring!
being awake in the middle of the night is so lonely.

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LB said...

Jane, I am loving all of the updates. So fun, and as always, Elisha is so, so cute. I need to see him and you soon. Ann will be here all week, but you are welcome to join the party.