Friday, January 18, 2008

baby's first snow and some others

so little e experienced a rarity ... a southern snowfall. he instinctively looked up and opened his mouth. maybe it's an innate desire to taste manna falling from heaven... however, living in the city as we do, we were concerned about all the pollutants that might be present in those snow flakes our son was tasting... sad that we have to worry about such things!
there is something about the rare southern snowfall(maybe the same is true for the first snow of the year up north?)... it demands your attention. you feel wrong to be doing anything other than watching the miracle. well, i guess playing in it counts too!
--e also got his first pair of blue jeans today... and maybe a first tooth(it's so hard to tell b/c it's such a small bit that shows up at first).

here is little e enjoying his first snowflakes!

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