Thursday, October 4, 2012

meet my 20 year old crafty (crafted) friends

My mother gave me a box a while ago that was full of odds and ends... old photographs, letters, yearbooks... and these little girlies. I remember so vividly spending all afternoon pouring over toothpicks and embroidery floss with my cousin. We would wrap the thread around a toothpick and wet it... when it dried, you had lovely curls. We designed their outfits and hair styles. Magic moments of being lost in childhood creativity. I know my cousin treasures those memories, because when I was visiting her the other day I found a few of her little toothpick girls mixed in with her sewing notions ;-)

Amazing that the curls have lasted at least 20 years!

I decided that it was time to give these girls a proper home (20 yrs old seems like a good age for getting your own place right ;-)

An Altoid box, scrapbook paper, glue, ribbon and a VERY quick, VERY tiny sewing project and these ladies are set!

and there you have it, TA DA!

** these are what we call restaurant toys. they are only played with while we are dining out or in particular places- like waiting rooms. small and lightweight for my purse...and something that I like to be supervising, so they don't get destroyed or lost (my daughter is only 3;-)


elizabeth t said...

Hey, Jane! I talked to your mama today. And found your blog! My son, robert, moved to Warner Robins and Bob and I will be helping him move his stuff in a few weeks. Lucy and I are going to try to get together then. I love your blog posts... especially the ones about the chickens and your trip to CA with AMH and HR and DS! So jealous...but not really. Happy for you. Love seeing you do so many fun things! I quilt too! the children are absolutely beautiful! Of course, I see you in both of them.

I hope I can see all of you soon.

Much love, elizabeth

ethet (at) charter (dot) net

jane said...

Wow! What fun for you to find me here... I am so glad you and Mama will be getting together- I would love to see you again sometime soon... And would love to see your quilts of course!