Monday, November 14, 2011

Look at my boy! He is morphing from a little preschooler into a boyish big boy. He has started to eat like a bottomless pit... I'm beginning to imagine how hard it will be to keep enough food in the house for him when he is in high school! I am waiting for him to shoot up several inches overnight and grow out of half of his winter clothes. He is holding his pencil correctly and learning about bullies and girls who aren't ready to be loved...all the lessons of pre-K. And the boy noises have increased. Don't know if I'm really ready for it... The goofy sputtery giggles and so many more crashes and explosions---constantly! Growing up without the constant noise of brothers has left me little prepared for this;) But, I am soaking up all the sweet snuggling and kisses.., I know they can't last too much longer.

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