Monday, September 26, 2011

End of the season

Oh! The delight of a late summer beach trip! We are taking full advantage of having young children who can miss preschool for a September beach trip... It was a delightful time. We spent time with some of my family ...

The kids wanted to be with Pops as much as possible. Aunt Mary was a favorite playmate as well.

We got plenty of vitamin d the last day;) as we made huge sand canals and waited as the tide came in to see who would win... E was so determined that he could build walls strong enough that the waves couldn't knock then down.... Needless to say- he learned an important lesson about the strength if the tide.
{anna's dress is based on the free heather ross sundress tutorial}

We had a glorious evening boat ride... Perfect golden light and well timed after an early dinner, so there was no rush.

{anna's hat is great elastic fitted hat that I created a pattern for based on a store bought one my friend had-- maybe i'll do a tutorial sometime??}

And Anna learned an important thing as well--- she learned to swim! Elisha learned a month ago, so it has definitely been the swimming summer! Don't they look like little tadpoles ;)
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Cooper Family said...

Love the pics! And the video of them swimming is awesome! So fun.

Ashley said...

I cannot believe little Anna can swim! She is such a little firecracker. So smart.