Monday, August 8, 2011

garden birthday party

don't know why it has taken me so long to post this--- e and a had a joint birthday party this year- along with their friend c... 30 kids in our backyard--- it was fun... no disasters ;-)when i got down lo to take their pic they decided that they should too...

we had some newsprint pots to plant seeds in.

log turned into a tea party spot ;-)

i made some tissue paper pompoms and fabric bunting... loving bunting right now!

more bunting... and initials for the birthday kids.
the bow tie was really easy to make-- i see many more in our future... there are lady bugs on it!
note the cast... luckily she was in such a boot phase that she didn't mind the permanent pink one ;-)... i had so much fun designing and making her dress... makes me so happy!

two and four... wow. how did that happen?!

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Denise said...

"two and how did that happen?" a phrase that comes out of my mouth daily with tears in my eyes! (: you have a beautiful family.