Saturday, January 29, 2011

fall wedding quilt

my sweet cousin faira (a fellow artist) married her buddy j in november. a wedding quilt seemed like just the thing they needed as they make their home together.
here is shot of the back... a little rainbowish action for my hippie couz who registered for more than her fair share of brown things... hehe... i teased her about this, but i can certainly appreciate all the beautiful shades of brown.
i really! enjoyed making this quilt for them. it felt more like a work of fine art than anything i have made in a while. the wonky star blocks were a lot of fun and i am very pleased with the dappled brown background.... i used a very random selection of brown fabrics that i had on hand-- cotton, linen, corduroy, even silk.
and here is the happy couple... just starting their life together... in a little bitty home(do you see it down in the corner?) with a big starry sky full of dreams." title="Modern Day Quilts">" width="192" height="115" alt="Modern Day Quilts" />

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Brea said...

I love the symbolism, Jane! Well done!