Monday, August 30, 2010

please and thank you

here are a few pictures from the spring when my computer wasn't cooperating... my goodness, how the summer has changed my littlest one! here she is at her birthday party-- all hail the may queen! she has certainly become aware of her powers... she will tell you "more" and just lately "thank you" as she beckons you to give her something... elisha did the same thing with his "thank you"s... it was mostly preemptive at first... either while giving you something- assuming you will thank him for it ;-) or thanking you ahead of time for what he wanted you to give him. it is so fun to have anna learning how give and take works... and that "thank you" is such an important part of the process !
it is so funny to see her in this dress... while she is still a rather slight little thing, she has grown... this dress fits her more like a shirt now... indecent without bloomers ;-) her hair has grown too... very decent pigtails if she doesn't pull them out.
this was a picture from easter ... the dress she is wearing was one my mother made for me!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

old times... first kiss

we had a great time at the lake with my college room mates and their families. it is so nice when you can pick up where you left off... it had been two years since we were all together. one thing i think is really fun about growing up is seeing my children respond to the children of my "childhood" friends. the fact that they get along so well seems like proof of our friendship ;-) which leads me to the second part of this post's title-- anna got along really quite well with sarah's son... she was diving into her lap to pet the 19 month old fellow's hair, then rubbing his arm... and then she was kissing up a storm! he is a cutie and i guess her inner little mama thought he might be one of her baby dolls come to life. but all the same, i am going to have to teach her not to be so forward next time ;-) sarah has pictures and more details of the weekend on her blog:

click over to see pictures of anna's wee prince charming... and elisha riding the tube behind the boat! (i actually teared up thinking about how he is growing so fast)