Monday, August 30, 2010

please and thank you

here are a few pictures from the spring when my computer wasn't cooperating... my goodness, how the summer has changed my littlest one! here she is at her birthday party-- all hail the may queen! she has certainly become aware of her powers... she will tell you "more" and just lately "thank you" as she beckons you to give her something... elisha did the same thing with his "thank you"s... it was mostly preemptive at first... either while giving you something- assuming you will thank him for it ;-) or thanking you ahead of time for what he wanted you to give him. it is so fun to have anna learning how give and take works... and that "thank you" is such an important part of the process !
it is so funny to see her in this dress... while she is still a rather slight little thing, she has grown... this dress fits her more like a shirt now... indecent without bloomers ;-) her hair has grown too... very decent pigtails if she doesn't pull them out.
this was a picture from easter ... the dress she is wearing was one my mother made for me!


dan and rachel said...

found your blog through flickr and just wanted to say that i love your sewing! gorgeous! i may steal the quilt idea for my kids' classes - loved that! :)

Christy said...

Oh my, I love love love that last photo.