Friday, February 5, 2010

more of the same

"awake so early,
small boy rises with the sun.
can't snooze a baby."

on the note... of exhaustion:

"note for new mama:
falling asleep during sxx?
it's forgivable."

----Haiku Mama

hope y'all are still enjoying these little funnies... i am!

we are heading down to the basement... these days i make something are by far superior... and i am in need of superior right now! i have 300 5inch squares to cut out for elisha's twin sized quilt... as i am assuming that at some point he will want to sleep in a big boy bed (if you see a spooled -- jenny lind style twin for sale please let me know!) i am 1/3 of the way through w/ the cutting.... then i will have the sewing to do!

i am also wanting to get a darling sweater with owls along the top knit up for anna while it is still the correct season for sweaters (it will be short sleeved -- quicker to knit and easier to wear in a southern early spring) and of course i have about a dozen other projects on my list.

what do y'all do on a rainy day?


Sara said...

Read blogs? ;) I decided that today was a yoga pants (me) and footed pjs (him) kind of day. We are tackling laundry, cleaning the microwave, staying on top of work emails, and might squeeze in something creative this afternoon. Or maybe I'll just bake chocolate chip cookies?

Christy said...

You are amazing! I really want to see this quilt when you're done.

And I ADORE these haikus. The best. I'm really glad to be forgiven. ;-)