Wednesday, September 23, 2009

conversations w/ a 2 yr old

here is a glorious moment from one of our many road trips this summer... both children asleep- at the same time!

now on to my post topic:

i feel the need to document some of the funny conversations we have at home these days. elisha is changing so quickly that i know his wording and thought process is constantly maturing.

today he was eating his morning cereal and the converstaion went like this-

e- "baby anna has bones?"

me-"yes she does and so do you"

e- "isha has teeth"

me- "yes, you do"

e- "baby anna no have teeth"

me-" we can't see her teeth, they are hiding under her gums... but they'll come out so we can see them soon"

e- "baby anna mouf dark"

i guess it is the same idea as blacked out teeth ;-) very observant fellow!

this afternoon after his nap i put him in a new pair of pants(well- new to us) and they are a bit big so that they will fit him throughout the cold weather to come. he grabbed the leg and said, " mama, these no little!" to which i asked him if they were too big.... he said, "yep"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

super fab- you gotta do this!

i can't wait to do this! i'm thinking that anna will be more into this than e-- but who knows. if you have older kiddos than mine -- get started. here are two links to this project... it so simple and so wonderful! i saw the link on ... if you click on the tutorial link she shows pictures of another version that is super cute as well!

i am trying to peek your curiosity by not telling what this project is... so cute! i'm dying to play w/ it myself!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

this little bit hung out w/ me this morning while...
this little fellow went to his first day of "school"... maybe i wouldn't feel so sad about it if i called it parents day out... but it is officially pre-school. book bag, pick-up line, lunch and all! i am somewhat torn about it... but i keep coming back to the fact that he is loving it... and i think i will too-- a chance to give anna one on one time, run errands... and make use of my new studio space in the basement.

--fashion trend for the fall: it's all about the accessories... lampshades, hair bows .... ;-)