Thursday, September 3, 2009

super fab- you gotta do this!

i can't wait to do this! i'm thinking that anna will be more into this than e-- but who knows. if you have older kiddos than mine -- get started. here are two links to this project... it so simple and so wonderful! i saw the link on ... if you click on the tutorial link she shows pictures of another version that is super cute as well!

i am trying to peek your curiosity by not telling what this project is... so cute! i'm dying to play w/ it myself!


Christy said...

Oh my, that is stinkin' cute! How fun to have a girl! (Though I guess you could be creative and make it into the Bat Cave or something ....)

Jean Joiner said...

very fun! we'll have to try that on one of my more sane days. when are those anyways? :)