Sunday, November 22, 2009

we are heading to the woods for thanksgiving week and then after that, anna and i are heading to the big apple to visit my sister ( i feel very brave to be attempting such a trip!) all this to say- i am taking a bit of a blogging leave and letting you know ahead of time.

just wanted to leave you with a picture of a less picturesque moment here: i am being covered in stickers while feeding anna while trying to knit at the same time-- ridiculous!

happy thanksgiving!


Emily said...

OH JANE I am just now getting caught up on your little family. LOVE the picture of you triple tasking (being mama in two different ways to two children while also creating another wonderful Jane design!) ALSO I love, love your studio- and how much use you will get out of it. We would be delighted to see y'all very soon. Abby Jane has a bit of a cold, so perhaps later in the week so we may be done with it by then? We are available on Friday- is that a good time for y'all tentatively?

Emily said...

Happy birthday, by the way! Love you, friend!

Laura said...

I love that picture. Too, too funny and so Elisha (and Jane for that matter).