Friday, October 30, 2009

important announcement

i am interrupting this extremely long blog break to inform you that you should rush to publix to buy their pumpkin pie ice cream------ it is soooo delicious!!! even has pieces of pie crust and whipped cream mixed in..... super yummy!

i have many reasons for the long blogging break... i don't think i will go into all of it. but, i would like to thank those of you have told me that you have missed my posts-- it feels good to think that anyone at all enjoys reading this stuff ;-)

i will (on my new working computer--thank you dear husband!) have more posts to follow--- i promise! part of my absence has been due to some mia (manic in action) behavior... which i can account for in pictures perhaps...

on a side note: does slowly inching backwards count as crawling?

while a good question for life in general- i was actually thinking of it in very literal terms... that is what our dearest anna is doing these days... along with sitting up by herself and eating tastes of our food (and at the moment a lovely hot pink organza ribbon ;-)

now as e has said all morning while driving off in his police car (that he calls a fire truck) " bye bye- i'll see you later"

1 comment:

Megan said...

Anna is so cute! Glad you're back to blogging - I've missed your posts too! Miss seeing you, we'll have to plan a playdate soon. And... I LOVE all things pumpkin so a huge thanks for the Publix tip.