Saturday, August 29, 2009

while the boys are away...

the girls will... throw a baby shower... and watch a low budget jane austen film. andrew took the boys (e and otis) to visit family and play in the woods. and i helped host a delightful baby shower for my good friend sara- we are thrilled about the little boy in her tummy!

anna helped sara try out her sling

anna and her friend lilly were chatting in the corner... anna was quite the social butterfly ;-)

here are some the flowers...

and here is what they looked like before i had fun with them


Jean Joiner said...

your home is gorgeous. can i barter babysitting for home decorating help? :)

your shoes were adorable too by the way.

Sara said...

Lovely! Thanks so much... I feel SO loved and blessed to have such amazing friends! Everything was perfect!