Wednesday, May 27, 2009

happy day andrew! (enjoy the twilight of your twenties)

happy birthday to my handsome husband! i know your birthday has been a bit overshadowed by the births of our children-- but i want you(and the world apparently---as if the world actually reads this silly blog!) to know how glad i am that you were born 29 years ago! you get dressed up- even when you don't like to and you dance with me even at times when you don't feel comfortable about it ;-)

you are the sweetest father there could be to our son-- and a great story reader/ teller...
and the newest thing you are to me is- a loving father to my (our) little girl...
i love spending this life with you-- and lately -seeing your face look at me through the eyes of our little girl ;-)
happy day- as elisha has been saying
(you must know we love you by the fact that we are waiting til you get home to start eating the cake... despite many tears from elisha, and therefore many tears almost shed by myself)

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Jean Joiner said...

very sweet...aren't daddies and little girls the best?

glad you've got a good one!