Monday, October 29, 2007

After the first show...(well perhaps it's the 2nd)

i am home dealing with the aftermath of my first show for plain jane stuff. i was in montegomery at the 'holiday market'. it went better than i expected! ...much better than my first craft show experience years ago with my highschool friend - we were 'ladybugs' ... we had very cute stuff-- too cute for the show we were a part of. this time jess and i teamed up again, and while our stuff was very cute the odds were against us! our booth was at the very back of the coloseum in the concourse... very hard to find-- except for our big bright pink christmas trees! i'll have to post pics soon.
i sold quite a few slings and i am so thrilled! i saw so many mamas walking by with tired arms carrying their babies around... or pushing a fussing baby in a stroller. it makes me so satisfied to know that at least ten mamas now have a wonderful way to carry their babies without straining and exhausting themselves. and these lucky babies get to have a special time looking at mama and seeing the world from her vantage point( & best of all-- flirting with strangers @ eye level... @ least my little man is a big flirt!)... instead of staring at peoples knees. there are some mamas who bought a sling to carry around their youngest of many children. it makes my heart warm to think how the whole family will benefit from having a happy baby and a mama w/ free hands!
on my first day home i have been swamped with laundry & grocery shopping... but i found time to begin my next creative quest-- baby clothes. little e now has a super super cute new outfit! pic to follow as soon as i finish unpacking the car (i have my priorities straight don't i?) and get the camera out.

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