Tuesday, January 13, 2009

potty training update

i case you are on the edge of your seat, wondering if my good fortune was continuing w/ regard to potty training... here is your brief (he he he) update: if we are at home and e is naked from waist down-- he is probably 90% successful.... and self initiating most of the time! short errands- such as the grocery have been successful as well... it is just nursery and at other peoples houses. too many fun toys and people that distract him i guess. i'm sure we'll get there- we are not quite 2 weeks in to our final push. i'd love to hear any suggestions- i read somewhere to put socks on them and they will hate having wet socks on... e has definitely complained more about the wet socks than the wet underwear when he has accidents... i guess diapers just make them get so used to the wet "underwear" kind of feeling-- whereas having wet socks on is a new sensation.

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leslie. said...

love his sweet smile! and also...the "snack table" he's set up in front of the potty. useful since he's going so often :) he's so precious Jane!